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Business Solution

ERP systems: Transformation into the digital age

Modern corporate strategies focus on standardisation, automation and flexibility of business processes. This means that, apart from customer needs, digital sales strategies must also reliably reflect the relevant legal and regulatory requirements. Yet in many cases fragmented and obsolete IT landscapes as well as isolated solutions that have emerged over the years prevent the implementation of efficient digital processes. Situations such as these are addressed by afb-CMS at all levels - front, middle and back-office – by means of an integrated web-based solution: from asset configuration and offer calculation to rating, scoring and decision-making through to the activation, amendment and termination of contracts. In addition, the product provides full-service-management functions, e.g. invoicing, service-card and claims management as well as contract accounting (sub-ledger) with a fully integrated dunning system.

The service-orientated architecture (SOA) of afb-CMS, its modular structure and standardised interfaces allow individual and flexible functionality and easy integration into existing IT landscapes.

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Benefits of Business Solution

Flexible sales support

Transfer of back office processes (e.g. calculation of premature redemption offers) into front office, integration of risk-adjusted pricing, cross-selling and upselling.
Benefits of Business Solution

More efficiency

Efficient, structured and largely automated processing of day-to-day business as well as automated review of documents and request for additional documents.
Benefits of Business Solution

Multi-channel sales

Multi-client solution for all sales channels (branch offices, call centres, sales forces, internet) in equal measure for private and commercial customers.
Benefits of Business Solution

Multi-device capability

Optimisation for all current terminals (PCs, laptops, tablets, smart phones) and users (internet customers, sales consultants with tablet, etc.).
Benefits of Business Solution

Integrated system

Representation of all requisition, request, contracting and remarketing processes in an integrated, web-based solution offering automated financing decision-making and processing, validation and contract management.
Benefits of Business Solution


Control of all financing and leasing transactions for private and commercial customers by means of standardised, automated processes.
Benefits of Business Solution

Modular architecture

Modular structure based on standardised components allowing optimum adaptation to individual customer requirements.
Benefits of Business Solution

International use

Can be used in several languages and in the currency of the target country at all times.
Benefits of Business Solution

Data completion and validation

A high level of user-friendliness thanks to input-saving services such as data completion and validation.
Benefits of Business Solution

Easy integration

Service-orientated architecture makes for easy integration into heterogeneous system landscapes.

Business Services

Rapid integration into the digital landscape

Wherever already existing or planned digital solutions reflect the business processes of an enterprise, afb Business Services offer a high degree of additional benefit. They provide an opportunity for keeping abreast of digital innovation and transformation. On the basis of a service-orientated architecture, existing IT landscapes can easily and rapidly be expanded to include innovative functions without altering their code base with an afb Fast Integration Business Service constituting a complete functionality. By means of Fast Integration afb Business Services combine with existing or future ERP systems, impressing users with extremely short development, rollout and test cycles. This results in a greatly reduced resource requirement for development and implementation as well as much shorter time to market.

Benefits of Business Services

Fast time to market

Rapid implementation thanks to lean architecture and data-driven interfaces with few inputs and outputs and without external dependence.
Benefits of Business Services

More precise achievement of benefits

Customisation achieved by involvement of specialist departments.
Benefits of Business Services

Fast integration

Rapid generation of benefits thanks to fast integration into existing ERP systems.
Benefits of Business Services

Future viability for legacy systems

Implementation of modern functionalities in legacy systems without altering their code base or current functionalities.
Benefits of Business Services

Simple integration

Simplified integration into existing structures thanks to service-orientated architecture, manageable scope, lack of external dependency as well as standardised surfaces and interfaces.
Benefits of Business Services

Flexible Business Processes

Customised mapping of complex business processes thanks to a precise combination of Business Services.

'Entering vehicle wholesale and retail finance is an important element of our growth strategy. For this we need a powerful, reliable system that can reflect the complexity of our market entry. With afb as a competent partner on our side, we feel well prepared for the future'.

'After a decade of experience, we have established sustainability for our IT landscape through the extension of afb-CMS'.

'We and our dealers are very satisfied with the all-round solution of afb-CMS. The dealers can conveniently control all financing and insurance from a single source and see directly which financing offer best fits the customer.'

'The new leasing calculator has met with considerable customer acceptance, we already received an extremely positive response at the first presentation at the Geneva Motor Show'.

'Already with the introduction of the afb-CMS for dealer wholesale finance, afb has proven to be a competent partner. I am confident that afb also is the right service provider for achieving our objectives to expand our existing consumer financing operation and to unify the application environment through an integrated and innovative IT solution'.

'We are now in a position to do our business with far fewer resources than previously despite the fact that the credit business got more complex and fast moving due to changing market conditions and technological developments'.