Solution Paper Digital Capability Check-Up: explore your digital maturity level


The digital transformation impacts enterprises of every size and in every industry, particularly those in the financial industry. It prepares the ground for start-ups and calls conventions into question.

How prepared is your company for digitalisation? With the Digital Capability Check-Up you can determine the digital maturity level of your company. The afb Digital Capability Check-Up provides an optimal opportunity to check the implemented processes in relation to their sustainability and potential for optimisation in the light of the challenges of digital transformation.

Answering specific questions

  • Where do you stand? You will receive an analysis and determination of the digital maturity as well as an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your processes.
  • Where is the need for action? We will show you where optimisation potentials and quick wins are the most beneficial considering the entire process.
  • What are the next steps? We give you recommendations for action, structure the optimisation potentials and elaborate a roadmap in the sense of a project route plan.

For more information on the flow, the methods and advantages of the Digital Capability Check-Up, please refer to this Solution Paper.

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