S-Kreditpartner GmbH successfully implements the afb Credit Management Solution for wholesale financing of afb Application Services AG


Munich, 20 November 2013 – S-Kreditpartner GmbH, a joint subsidiary of Landesbank Berlin AG and Deutsche Leasing AG, launches the afb Credit Management Solution (afb-CMS) of afb Application Services AG (afb). The new system helps S-Kreditpartner to strengthen dealer wholesale financing in the Savings Banks Finance Group. In particular, a powerful range of products for the vehicle finance business is provided and cooperation between the vendor and S-Kreditpartner GmbH is supported with an end-to-end solution for wholesale financing.

After a successful test phase and the migration of more than 20,000 contracts and over 1,000 partners from legacy systems, S-Kreditpartner launched afb-CMS in October 2013. The fully web-based system is used by the employees of affiliated dealers and the bank. afb-CMS supports wholesale financing of new and used vehicles, from the application process through to management, with automated business transactions. Furthermore, S-Kreditpartner uses Partner and Collateral Management of afb-CMS. Besides ready-made statistics, the integrated business intelligence functionality also provides the bank and dealers with the option to generate their own analyses. Through Catalogue Data Management, the vendors have always access to current vehicle data and can efficiently generate financing applications. afb provides regularly updated data for this catalogue. afb-CMS was integrated into the IT landscape of S-Kreditpartner (integration) with interfaces in particular to OSPlus, PS-Team and Deutsche Automobil Treuhand (DAT).

Helmut Lenz, Head of Dealer Wholesale Financing at S-Kreditpartner, considers the introduction of afb-CMS an important step towards strengthening inventory financing of Savings Banks Finance Group. “The afb consulting teams were very professional, both in terms of business, i.e. processes and organisation, as well as in terms of IT. We were very pleased with the training videos specially created for our users. With afb-CMS we have found the ideal solution, which afb has adapted perfectly to our specific needs as part of the project."

After an intensive selection process, S-Kreditpartner chose afb as a suitable partner in the spring of 2012. Besides the end-to-end range of services of afb-CMS and the standard software approach, what was decisive for the choice was the fact that afb provides the entire service bundle – consisting of license, maintenance, project (customisation, integration, migration), data services, process, organisation and IT consulting (consulting), support, infrastructure and application operation (cloud computing) – from a single source. This partnership established the basis to master all current and future challenges with regard to innovations and transformations. This also corresponds to afb’s credo.

Philipp Oberleitner, Manager Account Management at afb, explains: “We are pleased that we were able to support S-Kreditpartner in their complex IT and business transformations. Using our afb-CMS, S-Kreditpartner gets an innovative credit management solution in which is the vendor is directly involved in the business processes, which simplifies the processes while improving collaboration.”

About S-Kreditpartner GmbH

S-Kreditpartner GmbH is the credit specialist of the Savings Banks Finance Group for automotive and consumer financing. The company was established on 1 June 2011 as a subsidiary of Landesbank Berlin and Deutsche Leasing. Its partners include more than 300 Savings Banks and more than 1,000 dealerships in the automotive and leisure vehicle industry. S-Kreditpartner gives Savings Banks a powerful product and support package for the sale of S-Privatkredit (consumer financing) and S-Autokredit (vehicle financing). It provides solutions for wholesale and retail financing for the automotive and leisure vehicle trade.

About afb Application Services AG

Based in Munich, afb Application Services AG has been optimising the financing operation of banks and leasing companies since 1995. A full-service provider, afb offers a customer- and project-specific mix of process, specialist and IT consulting, projects based on the afb Credit Management Solution, application and infrastructure management, business process management and outsourcing. Its innovative solutions enable companies to automate the entire credit process – from quotation to application with fully automated credit decisions and processing, through to contract management. Well-known companies from the financial services sector make use of the solutions offered by afb internationally to generate a significant percentage of their turnover.

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