Fact Sheet Online contract closure with the Universal Contract Closing Process


Customers of all industries and age groups today expect a simple, fast and smooth contract closure. Using the 'Universal Contract Closing Process', financial and other service providers, manufacturers and vendors can realise innovative functionalities for the entire process chain required to initiate business: from offer, application, decision-making and document processing to activation, disbursement and contract management.

The contract closure including personal identification, digital document handling and electronic signature can already today be realised completely digital and free of media disruptions.

Selected advantages at a glance:

  • Customer Experience: user-centred interfaces on all channels and devices
  • Customer Centricity: seamless connection of all channels for maximum customer centricity
  • Flexibility: flexibly adaptable functionalities meeting current requirements
  • Multi-Device: optimisation for all common devices (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone) and users (customers on the Web, sales consultants with tablet, etc.)
  • Omni-Channel: multi-tenant solution for all distribution channels (branch, call center, field service, Web)
  • Efficiency: significant reduction of processing times and costs
  • Fast Integration: quick benefit generation through integration with existing ERP systems via Fast Integration

Increase your attractiveness and perception in the steadily increasing relevance of online channels! Your customers are happy to get into business with you – regardless of store opening and consulting times.

For more information on the online contract closure with the Universal Contract Closing Process, please refer to this Fact Sheet.

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