Case study Auto bank: automation in financing and leasing operations


No project without a business case, no investment without a sound basis for decision making. For that very reason, a leading automotive bank decided to work together with the experts of afb Application Services AG, who examined and rated the specific process stages and procedures involved in financing and leasing operations in terms of their optimisation potential as part of a consultation project.

The credit decision-making process for commercial customers involved a lot of manual effort at that time. A large number of media discontinuities in the system required human intervention and delayed customer response time. Since 2000, the automotive bank has been using the solution from afb Application Services AG (afb) as a front office solution to process credit and leasing requests. Every year, traders and resellers submit more than 100,000 requests using this system.


  • significant process optimisations in commercial credit decisions
  • better distribution of the workload
  • increased customer satisfaction

'The expert team from afb has fully analysed each process using standard and specially developed methods. We were very impressed by the implemented approach and the resulting transparency regarding the optimisation potentials.'

Head of IT of the automotive bank

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