afb offers solution for the digitalisation of document-intensive processes


Munich, 3 August 2016 – afb Application Services AG (afb), a leading European full-service provider for the optimisation of the financing business of banks and leasing companies, offers an intelligent solution for the end-to-end digitalisation of document management. This Business Service supports companies with the transmission, management, viewing, analysis and processing of electronic documents.

According to a study by IDC around 56 percent of all companies surveyed in Germany are planning to digitalise document-intensive business processes within the next two years. They are prompted to do so by two paramount goals: a desire to make their processes more customer-orientated as well as to increase their level of automation. For, the increasing volume of data and documents is going hand in hand with an increase in the demands placed on storage, availability as well as retrievability and processing. At the same time paper is continuously losing importance as a carrier medium owing to unreliable postal delivery times and inadequate scanning processes.

In the age of digitalisation customers expect to be able to digitally submit the documents needed for a business deal and to have the option of electronically signing documents. Manufacturers, vendors and service providers strive to achieve improvements in efficiency by means of automatic completeness checks and the categorisation and processing of the metadata they contain. Providing the best possible technical support in meeting these requirements, afb’s Fast Integration Business Service „Advanced Digital Document Management” is implemented wherever documents have to be transmitted, managed, viewed and checked electronically.

The digitalisation of documents is effected in an efficient, intuitive and user-friendly way by uploading via scan, email or the specially developed afb Digitizer App, thereby replacing the late-scan process. The integrated completeness check ensures that all necessary documents have been digitalised and correctly allocated. The documents are managed in the afb Document Portal in a structured form and can be called up and viewed by the user at any time. Complementary functions include synchronisation with ECM/DMS solutions, content extraction by means of optical text recognition (OCR) and automatic allocation through intelligent pattern recognition.

„End-to-end digitalisation results in considerably optimised throughput times and flexibility in the collection, storage and communication of time-critical information, in improved data quality and the avoidance of subsequent manual input. Our Advanced Digital Document Management enables the rapid, qualitative processing of data and documents to state-of-the-art standards and irrespective of platform”, explains Enrico Moritz, Manager Business Development and Consulting at afb.

Our „Advanced Digital Signature Management” is an ideal complement to digital document management. This service enables the legally binding electronic signing of documents. The rules of the EU Regulation on electronic identification and signatures (eIDAS) have been applied throughout Europe since 1 July 2016. This Regulation allows digital documents to be furnished with a qualified electronic signature if required. The combined management of document and signature makes it possible for documents to be exchanged and signed by the customer entirely electronically.

The lightweight and agile afb Fast Integration Business Services can easily be integrated in existing websites and systems by means of standardised, flexible interfaces and surfaces. User-friendly import and export functions as well as integrated workflows and regulations shorten processing and throughput times. Business Services are characterised by a short time to market and enable the implementation of innovative functionalities in legacy systems.

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Based in Munich, afb Application Services AG has been optimising the financing operation of banks and leasing companies since 1995. A full-service provider, afb offers a customer- and project-specific mix of process, specialist and IT consulting, projects based on the afb Credit Management Solution, application and infrastructure management, business process management and outsourcing. Its innovative solutions enable companies to automate the entire credit process – from quotation to application with fully automated credit decisions and processing, through to contract management. Well-known companies from the financial services sector make use of the solutions offered by afb internationally to generate a significant percentage of their turnover.

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