afb offers intelligent app for the digitisation of document-intensive processes


Munich, 14 December 2017 – afb Application Services AG (afb), a leading provider of innovative software solutions for digital, integrated omni-business models, offers an app for the easy digitisation of documents and automatic allocation to financing applications.

In order to exploit optimisation potential in the digitisation of business processes, companies should investigate not only the processing times, but in particular the downtimes, to come up with possible improvement measures. To this day postal delivery times as well as scanning processes still prevent a real-time processing of document-centred information and thus the quick conclusion of a contract in the context of financing applications. Businesses need to rethink: from a late-scan to an early-scan process, i.e. shifting the scanning process from the back office to the point of sale. The afb-Digitizer-App supports this end-to-end digitisation of document-based business processes for the recording, storing and communicating of time-critical information.

The afb-Digitizer-App enables the digitisation of documents in an efficient, intuitive and user-friendly way. The customer or sales employee scans the desired document – e.g. an identity card – required for the application and submits this digitally and without media disruption to the financial services provider. The integrated completeness check ensures that all necessary documents have been digitised and correctly allocated. In addition, a plausibility check of identity documents takes place, allowing potential counterfeits to be recognised at an early stage. The documents are managed in the afb document portal in a structured form and can be called up and viewed by the user at any time. Complementary functions include synchronisation with ECM/DMS solutions, content extraction by means of optical text recognition (OCR) and automatic allocation through intelligent pattern recognition. Automated processing of scanned documents, read-out of QR codes, secure transmission of the document bundle with meta, image and content data replace the time-consuming task of typing in the back office as well as at the point of sale. The app significantly reduces application lead times, reduces the error rate by automatically processing extracted data and reduces costs due to the higher level of automation.

Figure 1: digital document management - schematic representation

All data collected via the app are not stored locally on the mobile device, but processed in accordance with the provisions of the German Federal Data Protection Act. The data and documents are encrypted and transmitted to the relevant connected system.

'The afb-Digitizer App allows financial and other services providers, vendors and manufacturers to accelerate the processing of financing applications. This has a positive effect on customer satisfaction and fully reflects the idea of optimal customer centricity', explains Enrico Moritz, Business Development and Consulting Manager at afb.

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