afb automates Honda Bank´s leasing business

Conquering new markets with standard software


Munich, 11 April 2007 - As well as car loans, Honda Bank is now also offering its customers in Germany a comprehensive leasing offer. For this new business area, it has upgraded its afb Credit Management Solution. The web-based credit software automates the Frankfurt-based institute"s central financing processes in the areas of application, decision, checking and payment.

In Germany, Honda Bank distributes its products through a network of 360 automobile dealers and 319 motorcycle dealers. In the automotive sector, it offers financing and leasing for new and demo Honda vehicles, and in the motorcycle sector, financing for new and demo Honda motorcycles. The product range is completed by used vehicle financing for cars and motorbikes of all makes.

The afb Credit Management Solution forms the central web platform for the financing and leasing business. The bank connected the car dealerships to the system in mid-2006 and, in February of this year, just in time for the start of the season, did the same for the motorcycle dealers.

"Honda Bank particularly profits from the modularity and the standard functions of the afb Credit Management Solution. These factors mean that they can quickly set up and modify processes or integrate new user groups", says Hubert W. Benger, director of Honda Bank. Thus, the newly launched leasing business was mapped in the afb system in just two months, using a pre-existing service component.

Honda Bank largely stuck to the afb Credit Management Solution"s standards, which are based on many years" project experience. afb introduced its specialist knowledge not only into the IT solution, but also into the design of the Honda leasing business. This included the definition of sub-processes, as well as connection options to information databases, contract management and data warehouse.

Profile of afb Application Services AG

afb Application Services AG, founded in 1995, optimises complete business processes related to banks" and leasing companies" credit allocation activities. Up-to-the-minute IT solutions oriented around application service provision allow the complete automation of the credit allocation process - from applications to fully automated credit decisions, credit processing and contract management. The Munich-based company"s solutions are currently in use around the globe. Prestigious clients from the financial services sector now earn a significant percentage of their revenue through afb applications. Among the best known are cashgate (CH), FFS Bank, GE Money Bank, General Motors Acceptance Corporation (D, A, CH, PL), Honda Bank and the Santander Consumer Bank S.A. (Poland).