afb Application Services AG gives the all-clear on the Glibc library vulnerability


Munich, 17th February 2016 – afb Application Services AG (afb), a leading European full-service provider for the optimisation of financing business of banks and leasing companies, today announced that after the installation of a security update the systems outsourced to afb were no longer affected by the vulnerability in the Glibc library that became apparent today.

As can be seen in announcements made today, the serious vulnerability in the Glibc library which is used in almost all Linux systems allows malicious code to be executed. Immediately after this vulnerability became known afb's IT specialists commenced installing the latest security update, thus ensuring the security of customer´ systems outsourced to afb. However, afb points out that other systems which are not hosted by afb could be affected and that appropriate countermeasures should be taken.

afb's Service Management is responsible for the security of data and systems, amongst other items. It arranges for regular system updates by installing security updates as well as monitoring availability, continuity, capacities and security in addition to initiating any necessary actions.

Stephan Kiessling, afb's Manager System Administration, explained, "afb has high-performance data centres which meet the most stringent requirements for security and system stability; afb also has a highly motivated team of IT specialists. Thanks to a secure configuration and seamless monitoring, our systems are no longer vulnerable to this security bug. 90 percent of our customers have outsourced their infrastructure operations to us and can rest easy security has top priority for us.

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