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In this short explanatory video, you will learn in a few minutes how the afb solution can optimise the refinancing processes.

Customer requirements

Refinancing at the push of a button

Nowadays, small and medium-sized financial service providers increasingly wish to be able to determine refinancing packages at the push of a button, instead of using tools like Excel, especially since the data first has to be "collected". This enables applicants to refinance in line with their needs and to react more flexibly to the increasingly complex purchasing policies of the refinancers.


Such IT systems are usually only worthwhile for a limited group of companies

IT solutions that offer this function are usually very powerful systems that are only worthwhile for a limited group of applicants due to their purchase price. In addition, refinancing buyers' policies are becoming increasingly more specific and complex. This is the reason why many applicants use tools such as Excel and/or do without capital market transactions (e.g. asset-backed securities).


IT solution based on the slice-and-dice principle

Refinancing can be optimised in the following steps:

  1. Master the necessary arithmetic operations and markings
  2. Identify the refinanceable cash flows according to the so-called slice-and-dice principle according to predetermined criteria.

As a result, the user simply enters the desired selection criteria and immediately receives the data package for refinancing at the push of a button.

Business case

Digital Onboarding B2C

Even if more and more companies are dealing with the digitisation of B2B business, digital onboarding of B2C remains important. In the meantime, perfect digital onboarding has become the standard or is considered essential. afb Application Services was one of the first companies to map the process from the orientation phase to the conclusion of the contract completely digitally and without media breaks.

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Business case

Digital Onboarding B2B

A large number of financial service providers are currently engaged in digital onboarding, whose business models are based on the B2B business. With the help of afb, these companies can also digitally design the process. Digitisation is not limited to onboarding. The daily follow-up business is also becoming digital and much more efficient.

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Business case

Digital Property Financing

Are you looking for a solution with which you want to inspire customers? With digital real estate financing, the potential prospect has the same expectations for the “shopping experience” as he is already used to when buying consumer goods digitally. He wants easy access to all financing options, without media breaks, no waiting times, etc. With this solution you can meet the requirements of your customers and win them over.

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Business case

Digital Leasing Back office

The heart of every leasing company is the core system for the stable and efficient handling of the business. But does your core look like a bouquet of solutions with different structures and functionalities because it is already out of date? afb has a modular overall solution that enables the complete digitisation of the back office. At the same time, the solution is based on the latest "future IT".

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Business case

Digital Vehicle and Product Data

Modern ERP systems require a comprehensive, up-to-date and consistent database to ensure the efficiency of processes and the quality of the decisions. In our role as an innovation and transformation partner, we have been ensuring a tailored and system-optimised data supply for the customers of our comprehensive afb Credit Management System (afb-CMS) for years.

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Business case

Maturity Check-up

It is more essential than ever to be as digital as possible. Those companies whose processes work digitally react more flexible and robustly than those without digital ones. It is therefore worth gauging your own digital capabilities again. The afb Digital Maturity Check-up is a lean consulting tool that is tailored to this issue in terms of its implementation and the desired result.

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Business case


Can your IT keep pace with the exponentially increasing requirements caused by the king customer, growing pressure to innovate, rising security requirements and constantly changing regulations? Is this question causing you worries? The fact ist hat flexibility is a vital factor for survival. The way out of this situation is via afb-Consulting. We will quickly help you to determine the right path.

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Business case

Digital Document Management

Digitalisation of document management is one of the long-running hits when it comes to optimising business processes. Our solution implements the demanding early-scan approach with an outstanding user experience. This enables, for example, fully digital loan processing and decision-making with simultaneous transparency towards the customer. Thanks to a modern and flexible architecture, the afb solution can be quickly integrated into the customer's existing IT landscape.

afb solution

Determination of the refinancing packages at the push of a button

afb has now developed a lean IT solution that efficiently covers the topic of "refinancing" for small and medium-sized financial services providers and optimizes the process not only when it is submitted to its refinancing banks, but also over the term. With the new solution, cash flows can be generated using "slice & dice" mechanisms according to any selection criteria which are then conveniently compiled into tailored refinancing packages.

This is the Refinancing module group

Refinancing is an essential function for any financial service provider, as it enables financing of the lending business. However, it can be solved very differently. While institutions that belong to one group are mostly supplied with liquidity directly - and without further degrees of freedom - via the central treasury, others refinance themselves through the deposit business with (end) customers or the interbank and capital market with (often reciprocal) money market lines or capital market structures such as asset-backed securities (ABS), asset-backed commercial papers (ABCP) etc. The associated costs are significant and depend on the creditworthiness of the person seeking refinancing, e.g. backed by a rating from an international rating agency.

Especially for asset-based business models, which are characterized by cash flow inputs from the repayment of the financing and residual values, a market of so-called refinancers has established itself in Germany, which e.g. refinances contracts concluded by a leasing company with its customers - without realizing a legal purchase in terms of factoring or forfaiting (with a corresponding transition in terms of accounting, risk and "management"). The refinancing module can also be used to submit and manage loan claims at the Deutsche Bundesbank (KEV procedure (bank loans - submission and administration)).

Within the afb Credit Management Solution (afb-CMS), the refinancing module offers extensive options for automated management of the above-mentioned financing, which mostly consists of tranches consisting of a large number of (leasing) contracts, and often - especially with smaller financial service providers - is processed manually on the basis of Excel.

The refinancing module is directly linked to all forms of lending business, but especially retail finance (lease), and uses partner management and, if necessary, other modules and functionalities of the afb-CMS (rule engine, e.g. for limits, interfaces to credit agencies etc.).

Features of the module group Refinancing

  • The Application component is used to create a new financing tranches with all typical parameters for financing, e.g. contract type, contract start, term, interest rate, discount. Existing contracts (financing tranches) can also be searched and processed.
  • In the Pooling component, a new refinancing tranche is determined, using “slice & dice” mechanisms by specifying the selection criteria, e.g. creditworthiness, industry, property types, size / regional distribution. Cash flows selected for a refinancing request are “reserved” and cannot be selected in parallel in a further tranche formation. Refinanced cash flows are blocked so that protection against double financing is also provided internally and for the refinancer.
  • The Reporting component provides all functionalities of the evaluation internally and for communication between the financial service provider and the refinancer (or Bundesbank). On the one hand, standard evaluations can be sent time-controlled or event-controlled to a specified distributor, on the other hand, all conceivable (ad-hoc) evaluations of all stored data are possible for power users.
  • For the exchange of data - this applies both to the import or export of data between the afb-CMS and third-party systems and for the exchange of data between services within the afb-CMS, an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) with messages and transformations , routing and orchestration services is used, each based on predefined process models.
  • If both sides (financial service providers and refinancers) use the refinancing component, the refinancing applications can be “broken down” down to the individual transaction level and automatically transferred to their systems through an inherent review of the refinancer's purchase policy.
  • This also applies if the refinancing module is made available to a group of financial service providers and refinancers as a "portal". The specifics of the individual contracting parties are then mapped at client level; a fully digital refinancing takes place, which through an optimisation on both sides (e.g. on terms, credit ratings or terms) ideally corresponds to the financing needs and possibilities of the partners.
  • All transactions and decisions are always logged and tracked in an audit-proof manner.
  • Operation is regularly offered as software-as-a-service in "bank-certified" data centers, but can also take place on site.

Advantages of the afb-solution

for the optimisation of refinancing processes

The advantages at a glance

  • The advantages from an applicant's point of view are the quick(er) query with several financing partners, the optimisation of the contracts to be submitted based on the refinancer's purchase policy as well as improved flexibility in terms of accuracy of fit and speed of (re)financing.
  • From the refinancer’s point of view, the advantages are simplified controlling, improved options for "readjustment" in the event of cash flow changes, and the optimisation of the subsequent processes. Optionally, access to contract documents (e.g. for further examinations) can be implemented via the business service "Advanced Digital Document Management", the afb document portal, which also supports processing and enables system-internal communication with the applicant.
  • Full flexibility: the module group enables the "slicing & dicing" of cash flows from a wide range of contracts for the creation of needs-based refinancing applications in terms of volume or refinancing period.
  • Clarity and security: the application component provides a complete overview of existing financing tranches; Cash flows that have already been refinanced are automatically blocked for new applications.
  • Handling and optimisation: by storing the application parameters for each refinancer, refinancing applications can be created in a playful manner in a shorter time and can be better dispersed (e.g. regionally) or focused (e.g. in relation to the creditworthiness of the debtors) according to all criteria.
  • Higher quality: the automatic processing of extracted data leads to a reduction in the error rate of manual work steps and to increased data quality.
  • New refinancing options: Funding applications can be offered to several refinancers. The simplified, ongoing establishment of financing tranches can appropriately supplement or partially replace large capital market transactions.
  • Reporting and lower risk: Thanks to the exact mapping of all data, the financial service provider is able at any time to create detailed evaluations for himself or the refinancer and, if necessary, to send them automatically on a regular basis.
  • Lower costs and greater transparency: Simplified controlling, transparent "follow-up" for cash flow changes and the optimisation of subsequent processes reduce sources of error and save resources - both on the part of the applicant and on the part of the refinancer.
  • Easy integration: The afb Business Service can be easily and flexibly integrated into existing system landscapes. The long-term "ETL" experience (extracting - transforming - loading) from the connection of the afb Credit Management Solution to a wide variety of (core) systems flows into the process.
  • Consistently digital processes: if applicants and refinancers use the solution, completely media-free processes with automatic decisions are possible.


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