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Customer requirements

Perfect customer journey - also when it comes to product configuration and financing

If products are offered digitally - through portals or on the websites of manufacturers, dealers or financial service providers - it is already standard for many product categories to also offer the appropriate financing (in the form of credit or leasing). There are industries in which the sales-promoting effect of retail finance (e.g. for vehicles) enables a successful sales process at all.

For years, digitisation has ensured that the customer expects a financing option even when purchasing a product digitally. In the sense of a flawless digital customer journey that leaves nothing to be desired, the smooth integration of the financing offers is also required by the end customer.

The basic prerequisite for fulfilling this wish for the end customer is the availability of product data in digital form in particular - for proper calculation and evaluation.


Data quality at a high level, but cheap!

Factory-dependent providers of financial services (captives) generally have access to their manufacturers' data. Anyone who starts out from a perfectly functioning world will be instructed otherwise. The digital data supply of the company's own financial service provider by the manufacturer often proves to be in need of improvement. Product data is usually not optimised for linking to a variety of financing products. Also, the topicality is not always at the level that the financial service provider would like. This is the reason that even captives are among the customers of our data offer e.g. to calculate new vehicles for offers to customers before the official price lists are available.

This is an even greater challenge for free providers of financing offers. As a rule, you have no direct access to the digital data of the manufacturers. You can obtain data from specialists, but these are not optimally designed for use in the in-house calculation systems. The necessary quality assurance and adjustments are simply too expensive for many free providers, some of which are small companies. For these companies, the data offered by afb Application Services AG brings a huge benefit.


Affordable and individual data from afb

Have you ever thought about taking an alternative path? Simply let afb Application Services work out an offer for data supply - even if you use IT systems from other providers. There are two good reasons for this:

Better price: We are significantly cheaper than the well-known and specialised large institutes. Just compare! Until then, we still want to provide you with an explanation of how this is possible: The data is a necessary element in our overall focus as a service provider for a comprehensive business suite, the afb Credit Management Solution, specialising in all asset-based forms of financing. The more market participants use (and enrich) our data supply, the more valuable the inventory becomes. An advantage that can be very useful for your business.

More individuality: Our data offer can be used in many ways. We can either provide service and data or only data without and with special data maintenance. We also integrate all other data sources such as address and personal data for you, for Switzerland including KREMO and REMO. This competence also results from our overall focus. As a holistic thinking innovation and transformation partner, we are trained to combine individual services with best-in-class components or our own products to create efficient processes - in the spirit of the customer journey with maximum conversion rates.

Business case

Digital Onboarding B2C

Even if more and more companies are dealing with the digitisation of B2B business, digital onboarding of B2C remains important. In the meantime, perfect digital onboarding has become the standard or is considered essential. afb Application Services was one of the first companies to map the process from the orientation phase to the conclusion of the contract completely digitally and without media breaks.

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Business case

Digital Onboarding B2B

A large number of financial service providers are currently engaged in digital onboarding, whose business models are based on the B2B business. With the help of afb, these companies can also digitally design the process. Digitisation is not limited to onboarding. The daily follow-up business is also becoming digital and much more efficient.

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Business case

Digital Refinancing

Financial service providers increasingly wish to be able to determine refinancing packages at the push of a button. This enables applicants to refinance in line with their needs and to react more flexibly to the increasingly complex purchasing policies of the refinancers. afb has developed a lean IT solution for this.

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Business case

Digital Property Financing

Are you looking for a solution with which you want to inspire customers? With digital real estate financing, the potential prospect has the same expectations for the “shopping experience” as he is already used to when buying consumer goods digitally. He wants easy access to all financing options, without media breaks, no waiting times, etc. With this solution you can meet the requirements of your customers and win them over.

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Business case

Digital Leasing Back office

The heart of every leasing company is the core system for the stable and efficient handling of the business. But does your core look like a bouquet of solutions with different structures and functionalities because it is already out of date? afb has a modular overall solution that enables the complete digitisation of the back office. At the same time, the solution is based on the latest "future IT".

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Business case

Maturity Check-up

It is more essential than ever to be as digital as possible. Those companies whose processes work digitally react more flexible and robustly than those without digital ones. It is therefore worth gauging your own digital capabilities again. The afb Digital Maturity Check-up is a lean consulting tool that is tailored to this issue in terms of its implementation and the desired result.

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Business case


Can your IT keep pace with the exponentially increasing requirements caused by the king customer, growing pressure to innovate, rising security requirements and constantly changing regulations? Is this question causing you worries? The fact ist hat flexibility is a vital factor for survival. The way out of this situation is via afb-Consulting. We will quickly help you to determine the right path.

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Business case

Digital Document Management

Digitalisation of document management is one of the long-running hits when it comes to optimising business processes. Our solution implements the demanding early-scan approach with an outstanding user experience. This enables, for example, fully digital loan processing and decision-making with simultaneous transparency towards the customer. Thanks to a modern and flexible architecture, the afb solution can be quickly integrated into the customer's existing IT landscape.

afb data and the afb data catalogue

As an experienced partner, we support our customers in procurement, refinement, provision and updating of the required data. Our module group of the Business Solution "afb-Catalogue" ensures easy access and handling of this data. This is a powerful object database for the selection and configuration of financing and leasing objects. This means that our customers always receive up-to-date data for the creation of financing applications and the optimisation of their (online) multi-step application.

At a glance

You can use our data catalogue to select e.g. cars, trucks, motorcycles, mobile homes, caravans and other financing objects. With over 170,000 vehicles and over two million features, we offer a comprehensive vehicle database of all cars available on the German market of the past ten years, including standard and optional equipment. In addition to the prices, extensive basic data also includes the detailed technical data of the vehicle and the established vehicle codes from Deutsche Automobil Treuhand, EurotaxSchwacke, JATO Dynamics, the Federal Motor Transport Authority (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt) and selected manufacturers. We also offer manufacturer-specific special data maintenance for vehicles and the import or integration of data catalogues for other financing objects for equipment financing.

For vehicles in German-speaking countries

  • Comprehensive data catalogues for cars, trucks up to 3.5 t and motorcycles that cover the entire vehicle stock in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Extensive basic data that include prices and insurance categories, detailed technical specifications of the vehicle as well as serial, special and additional equipment and accessories
  • Individual special services for manufacturers' banks, such as maintenance of manufacturer codes, generation codes or model year changes
  • Provision and consolidation of the established vehicle codes of e.g. Deutsche Automobil Treuhand (DAT), EurotaxSchwacke (ETS), JATO Dynamics (JTD) and Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA)  
  • Upon request, data maintenance for caravans and trailers, municipal and agricultural vehicles, quad bikes, boats, trucks over 3.5 t and so on.

Data for other assets to be financed

  • Individual creation or import of catalogues and classifications for other kinds of movable property such as furniture, kitchens, white goods (e.g. household aids), brown goods (e.g. entertainment electronics), ICT, equipment, machinery, medical technology and other capital goods
  • Optionally, autonomous maintenance of the catalogue data by the customers with the help of online maintenance tools

Data supporting the quotation and application process    

  • Provision and update of address data for automatic address completion
  • Provision and update of IBAN and BIC, also for the automatic conversion
  • Provision and update of data for politically exposed persons (PEPs) and sanction lists
  • Provision and updating of personal and company-related data from credit agencies for assessing creditworthiness and risk groups (borrower units)

    Advantages of data supply by afb

    Advantages of the combination between afb afb data and the afb data catalogue

    Advantages of afb data

    • Cheaper and higher quality: The afb data is considerably cheaper than that of the large data specialists - while at the same time the excellent data quality, which is often confirmed by the customer
    • More individual with optimal integration: We can combine our data with individually designed acquisition processes and optimally integrate your IT systems. This makes our data even more useful for you.
    • Short delivery times: we integrate new assets and update existing assets in just a few business days.
    • Data directly from the manufacturer: we obtain the data directly from the manufacturer, so that our customers can rely on timeliness and quality of the data.
    • Selectable update cycles: our customers can choose the cycle for updating the data set in frequencies of one, two or four weeks.
    • Modularity: the data catalogue is modular and thus can be adapted to customer-specific requirements.

    Advantages of the afb data catalogue

    • Support at the POS: quickly available, detailed and always up-to-date asset information provides business partners with optimum support at the point of sale during their consulting and selling efforts.
    • Easier data input: data from the Catalogue module group can be directly transferred to Retail and Wholesale Financing and are thus immediately available for the subsequent credit and lease calculation.
    • Flexible search: user-friendly search mechanisms with predefined filters in combination with individual search and sorting criteria support the user in the search and selection of assets.
    • Link to conditions/residual values: individual conditions and residual values can easily be linked to the asset data at the brand, series or type level.
    • External interfaces: asset information from suppliers of European motor vehicle data as well as any data from the areas of small ticket and equipment can at any time be imported via interfaces and through the connection of manufacturer catalogues.


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    Successful practical implementation at a glance

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