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In this short explainer, you will learn digital customer onboarding in the B2C area in 2 minutes.

Requirements of the customers

Feel good during the entire buying process

There are industries in which customers buy a product or service knowing that they can only use what they have bought at a different location or at a later stage of time. Examples of this are the tourism industry, purchase of a concert ticket or closing of an insurance contract. In these cases, customer onboarding has always played a central role.

The goal of customer onboarding is to make this phase as smooth as possible for the customer so that he can be won as a satisfied customer.

Today, customer onboarding is relevant for every company that wants to win and retain customers over the Internet.

Challenge with the digital application route

Simple, fast, without media breaks

The online purchase process usually consists of many digital individual steps, which can lead to the customer being upset or even bailing out completely. Optimising this process is the subject of Digital Customer Onboarding. The goal of every company must be to control the digital process in such a way that the customer is picked up and looked after in every step.

However, there are many industries in which a purchase is a very complex to process. Examples include individual product configurations, the financing of a valuable item and the associated credit check, identification and electronic signature. The requirements for good Digital Customer Onboarding are increasing exorbitantly here. Nevertheless, the customer is expected to meet them.

B2C application route for financing products

Digital from offer to contract

The following functions are essential for end-to-end digitisation:

  1. Digital offer presentation
  2. Online applications
  3. Immediate credit check and decision
  4. Digital document handling
  5. Online contract management

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Digitisation to optimise Customer Onboarding

Five properties for a first class service in Customer Onboarding:

  • Consistently digital from the offer presentation to the signature
  • Useable on all devices from smartphones to widescreen with a customised user interface and optimal user experience
  • Seamless re-entry of process steps after an intentional process interruption
  • Creation of binding, individual credit, leasing and service offers instead of general reference calculations
  • Immediate application decision based on online credit checks

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Realisation of Digital Customer Onboarding

First class service for Customer Onboarding through:

  • Extraction of data via Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and plausibility check of captured data
  • Online identification of the customer using a video identification method or electronic identification proof (eID function of the new ID card or electronic residence permit) or at the point of sale (POS) by trained third parties (e.g. sales staff)
  • Upload option for documents that are automatically recognised, read and added directly to the contract or customer file
  • Credit check through digital bank account check (XS2A)
  • Integration of external credit bureaus, e.g.  Schufa, Infoscore
  • Automatic application decision by checking internal or external negative lists (PEP and sanction lists)
  • Qualified digital remote signature according to the eIDAS regulation
Business case

Digital Onboarding B2B

A large number of financial service providers are currently engaged in digital onboarding, whose business models are based on the B2B business. With the help of afb, these companies can also digitally design the process. Digitisation is not limited to onboarding. The daily follow-up business is also becoming digital and much more efficient.

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Business case

Digital Refinancing

Financial service providers increasingly wish to be able to determine refinancing packages at the push of a button. This enables applicants to refinance in line with their needs and to react more flexibly to the increasingly complex purchasing policies of the refinancers. afb has developed a lean IT solution for this.

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Business case

Digital Property Financing

Are you looking for a solution with which you want to inspire customers? With digital real estate financing, the potential prospect has the same expectations for the “shopping experience” as he is already used to when buying consumer goods digitally. He wants easy access to all financing options, without media breaks, no waiting times, etc. With this solution you can meet the requirements of your customers and win them over.

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Business case

Digital Leasing Back office

The heart of every leasing company is the core system for the stable and efficient handling of the business. But does your core look like a bouquet of solutions with different structures and functionalities because it is already out of date? afb has a modular overall solution that enables the complete digitisation of the back office. At the same time, the solution is based on the latest "future IT".

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Business case

Digital Vehicle and Product Data

Modern ERP systems require a comprehensive, up-to-date and consistent database to ensure the efficiency of processes and the quality of the decisions. In our role as an innovation and transformation partner, we have been ensuring a tailored and system-optimised data supply for the customers of our comprehensive afb Credit Management System (afb-CMS) for years.

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Business case

Maturity Check-up

It is more essential than ever to be as digital as possible. Those companies whose processes work digitally react more flexible and robustly than those without digital ones. It is therefore worth gauging your own digital capabilities again. The afb Digital Maturity Check-up is a lean consulting tool that is tailored to this issue in terms of its implementation and the desired result.

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Business case


Can your IT keep pace with the exponentially increasing requirements caused by the king customer, growing pressure to innovate, rising security requirements and constantly changing regulations? Is this question causing you worries? The fact ist hat flexibility is a vital factor for survival. The way out of this situation is via afb-Consulting. We will quickly help you to determine the right path.

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Business case

Digital Document Management

Digitalisation of document management is one of the long-running hits when it comes to optimising business processes. Our solution implements the demanding early-scan approach with an outstanding user experience. This enables, for example, fully digital loan processing and decision-making with simultaneous transparency towards the customer. Thanks to a modern and flexible architecture, the afb solution can be quickly integrated into the customer's existing IT landscape.


Universal Contract Closing Process

In this way, you offer your online customers first class Customer Onboarding:

Digital offer presentation

A contemporary customer experience is characterised by an attractive and intelligent presentation of the product range via different channels (omni-channel). Offer your customers on your online channels e.g. the following services:

  • Digital sales platform with integrated product configurator
  • Concrete, binding leasing, credit and service calculations instead of general reference calculations
  • Budget-oriented calculations using robo-advisory
  • Anonymous pre-credit checks to determine the maximum budget available, e.g. before visiting the trade

Online applications

Technological developments and new legal framework conditions allow a digital, seamless end-to-end process can now be implemented. The following functions simplify your test processes:

  • Video identification of the customer via video chat with an identity provider
  • Online identification at the point of sale (POS) by trained third parties, such as Seller, foreign trade or sales representative

Immediate scoring and credit decision

With the submission of the digital application an automated feedback, based on the individually configurable credit decision is provided. Your customer demands for an immediate feedback, including hints for the next steps. This is made possible by:

  • Plausibility check of the recorded data
  • Credit check through digital account view
  • Connection of external credit agencies, e.g. Schufa
  • Automatic application decision by checking internal or external negative lists (PEP and sanction lists)

Digital document handling

There is great digitisation potential in the document management. Avoid long post office and waiting times by allowing your customers to submit the necessary contract documents digitally, e.g. by the following services:

  • Legally valid electronic signature (e-signature)
  • Document scan, e.g. via the afb-Digitizer-App

Digitise and automate your internal manual work steps. Moving them from the back to the front office leads to significant increases in efficiency.

Online contract management

Modern contract management with digital recording and processing of all relevant data enables continuous real-time processing. Let your customers become active themselves with Customer Self Services. Use the advantages of artificial intelligence and increase the customer experience with the help of intelligent hotlines, chatbots etc. Let your customers do the following for themselves:

  • Master data changes
  • Request documents
  • premature termination of contracts

Advantages of the afb solution

Easy. Online. Closing.

Based on the service-oriented architecture of the Universal Contract Closing Process, existing IT landscapes can be easily and quickly expanded with innovative functions without changing their code base. Through Fast integration business services connect with existing or future ERP systems and are characterised by short development, rollout and test cycles. Below you will find selected advantages at a glance:

Fulfill your customer expectations

  • Automation: Thanks to his experience from widespread customer onboarding processes, a prospect has high expectations for their design and convenience, such as e.g. when traveling by air, online comparison portals or Facebook. He expects first class service. It starts with the presentation of information. A prospective customer would like to be informed about the entire process and any necessary data entry must be plausible for him. Of course, customer onboarding must be fully automated. Automation must also take exceptional circumstances such as international naming or address conventions into account.
  • Speed: In addition to the comfortable design, speed is a second requirement for first class service. In the case of applications, the prospect expects an immediate decision. If documents are necessary, the customer expects that they can transmit them directly and these are immediately taken into account in the contract or customer file.

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Benefit # 1: Fulfill maximum customer expectations

Customers expect full service anytime, anywhere. Digital Customer Onboarding is always available, fast, easy and convenient.

Benefit # 2: Efficiency through process automation

Customer Onboarding from data acquisition to application management and decision-making to digital signatures

Benefit # 3: Competitive advantages through first class service

In highly competitive markets, innovative technology and business process design, which meets all customer expectations, differentiate it from the competition.

Benefit # 4: Fully digital customer journey

Increasing the conversion rate: Completely online, regardless of the device used and without media breaks, Digital Customer Onboarding leads to more successful contracts.

Successful practical implementation at a glance

Did you like our business case for Digital Onboarding B2C? Then keep looking around! The following is an overview of our most important business cases. These are examples of how afb customers use our IT and consulting services successfully in their individual environment.