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In this short explainer video, you will learn in 4 minutes how onboarding and follow-up business in the B2B can be digitised.

Customer requirements

Onboarding of commercial customers

The B2B business is rapidly following the B2C business, which is already largely digitised. Customer onboarding in particular is almost standard in the B2C environment. The customer wants the same efficiency gains but also in the B2B environment, i.e. when onboarding companies.


B2B processes are more complex

When onboarding a company, the individual steps to be mastered are essentially the same as when onboarding private individuals. However, these are more demanding and extensive. For example, when onboarding a company, the following information (compared to onboarding of private individuals) must additionally be evaluated: Within the framework of “Know your Customer” (KYC), this is the extract from the commercial register or it is information about the company. There is also a sanction check, which includes PEP and other blacklists are checked, as well as a money laundering check. In addition, the interrelationships are examined as part of an analysis and the credit rating is carried out on the basis of balance sheets or credit agencies.


Intelligent control center for onboarding and follow-up business

A central key for the optimisation of this process is the digital mapping of the roles or competence profiles of the people involved in the process on the part of the borrower. Employees with more experience or at higher hierarchical levels can be equipped with more skills and degrees of freedom than others. Because financing requests from the business partner can only be automated and legally secure if the acting persons are known as "submitters" and are also "authorised".

Standard purchasing processes can be controlled even more precisely if the product catalogs of the suppliers are also reflected in the property management of the financial service provider. The replacement of a company car in accordance with the Car Policy or even a fleet comprising several thousand vehicles will then be carried out 100 percent digitally over time. In contrast, the vehicle of a new board member can only be purchased or financed with the appropriate approval within the scope of the competence of the person responsible defined by the company.

Business case

Digital Onboarding B2C

Even if more and more companies are dealing with the digitisation of B2B business, digital onboarding of B2C remains important. In the meantime, perfect digital onboarding has become the standard or is considered essential. afb Application Services was one of the first companies to map the process from the orientation phase to the conclusion of the contract completely digitally and without media breaks.

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Business case

Digital Refinancing

Financial service providers increasingly wish to be able to determine refinancing packages at the push of a button. This enables applicants to refinance in line with their needs and to react more flexibly to the increasingly complex purchasing policies of the refinancers. afb has developed a lean IT solution for this. 

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Business case

Digital Property Financing

Are you looking for a solution with which you want to inspire customers? With digital real estate financing, the potential prospect has the same expectations for the “shopping experience” as he is already used to when buying consumer goods digitally. He wants easy access to all financing options, without media breaks, no waiting times, etc. With this solution you can meet the requirements of your customers and win them over. 

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Business case

Digital Leasing Back office

The heart of every leasing company is the core system for the stable and efficient handling of the business. But does your core look like a bouquet of solutions with different structures and functionalities because it is already out of date? afb has a modular overall solution that enables the complete digitisation of the back office. At the same time, the solution is based on the latest "future IT"

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Business case

Digital Vehicle and Product Data

Modern ERP systems require a comprehensive, up-to-date and consistent database to ensure the efficiency of processes and the quality of the decisions. In our role as an innovation and transformation partner, we have been ensuring a tailored and system-optimised data supply for the customers of our comprehensive afb Credit Management System (afb-CMS) for years.

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Business case

Maturity Check-up

It is more essential than ever to be as digital as possible. Those companies whose processes work digitally react more flexible and robustly than those without digital ones. It is therefore worth gauging your own digital capabilities again. The afb Digital Maturity Check-up is a lean consulting tool that is tailored to this issue in terms of its implementation and the desired result.

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Business case


Can your IT keep pace with the exponentially increasing requirements caused by the king customer, growing pressure to innovate, rising security requirements and constantly changing regulations? Is this question causing you worries? The fact ist hat flexibility is a vital factor for survival. The way out of this situation is via afb-Consulting. We will quickly help you to determine the right path. 

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Business case

Digital Document Management

Digitalisation of document management is one of the long-running hits when it comes to optimising business processes. Our solution implements the demanding early-scan approach with an outstanding user experience. This enables, for example, fully digital loan processing and decision-making with simultaneous transparency towards the customer. Thanks to a modern and flexible architecture, the afb solution can be quickly integrated into the customer's existing IT landscape.

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afb Partner Management as a solution

Intelligent control center for onboarding and follow-up business

Powerful customer relation management functions with mapping of all relationships in real time.

This is the afb Partner Management:

The central functions of afb Credit Management Solution (afb-CMS) include partner management. Highly effective customer relation management functions depicting all relationships in real time are available. Linking highly effective system components to form a holistic information platform allows a 360-degree view of business partners (e.g. customers/consumers, banks and their employees, agents, trading partners and their sellers, manufacturers, insurance companies, service providers, etc.). Partner Management thus forms the basis for the interplay of all afb-CMS processes and operations by providing all necessary information. Consistent customer acquisition, long-term customer loyalty, optimum customer orientation and maximum utilisation of customer potential are thus ensured.



Features of the afb Partner Management:

  • Convenient, workflow-oriented selection of business partners through defined search parameters and pre-set filters for e.g. overdue actions
  • Centralised management of all business partners (individuals and legal entities) with contact, address and master data as well as supporting plausibility checks
  • Freely definable roles and links for the representation of relationships among the business partners (e.g. borrower units, company groups, risk groups, including the identification of participations and shareholdings) using relationship trees (1: 1, n: 1, 1: m, n: m)
  • Detailed access control to afb-CMS functions by allocating rights via corresponding groups as well as through password policies
  • Management of business partners' payment transaction accounts, differentiated according to, among other things, disbursement, commission, subsidy and redemption accounts, mapping of all SEPA requirements
  • Rating taking into consideration qualitative and quantitative criteria (hard and soft facts), integration of external rating engines, integrated decision-making and prolongation management
  • Activity management for marketing and sales activities, partner-related actions for rating, decision and processing of e.g. credit lines, tracking and resubmission functionality
  • Determining credit lines, conditions and parameters for the control of business processes
  • Central overview of all a business partner's services (offers, applications and contracts)

Advantages of the afb solution

for Digital Onboarding in the B2B environment

Advantages of the afb Partner Management solution:

  • End-to-end system: the entire life cycle of applications and contracts of all business partners is designed as an integrated, digital system.
  • 360 degree view: centrally record and maintain master data. Flexible search functions and predefined filters facilitate search and selection. The interplay of powerful components on a holistic information platform allows a 360-degree view of the business partners.
  • Clear overview: all services and transactions of a given partner are displayed in an overview and linked directly to further information.
  • Intelligent relationship management: partners are linked to each other via an intelligent relationship logic and integrated into a hierarchical structure. A relationship tree displays the roles and relationships of a single business partner. Business partners are created only once. Duplicates are identified and consolidated.
  • Individual rights management: all users and their role-based access rights are administered centrally, the password allocation being based on the security guidelines of the financial services provider.
  • Efficient activity management: financial services providers and their partners can initiate and track marketing and sales campaigns for selected target groups. The functions also support partner communication as well as financing decisions and processing.
  • Meaningful rating: rating is repeated at predetermined intervals or in case of major changes. The evaluation happens automatic and takes into account qualitative and quantitative characteristics.
  • New distribution potential: current contract data in combination with further contact information support new business and additional initiatives in cross-selling.
  • Productive sales management: existing information on business partners is integrated and can be subjected to specific analyses.


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