Vendors serve the interface between manufacturer, financial institution and service provider. Their economic situation is characterised by intense competition, decreasing margins and increasing importance of related services. The elevated information transparency through continuing digitisation leads to more stringent requirements for vendor qualification and knowledge management. Mobile technologies to optimize the sales process, increased system usability to simplify data input and a high degree of automation are key success factors. Services and IT should complement product sales optimally and support the sales process.

Our services for vendors

Selecting the right partner and systems is increasingly important for achieving decisive advantages in the competitive market environment. The afb Credit Management Solution (afb-CMS) provides a basis for cost savings and efficiency gains. Mobile technologies support product configuration and financial calculation. Integration with dealer management and remarketing systems automates processes, and intelligent definition of seller commissions ensures that optimum sales management is achieved.

Furthermore, IT is becoming an increasingly important lever for improving customer service and thus increasing customer satisfaction. In this regard, the execution of back office processes of the financial services provider by the vendor at the point of sale is for instance gaining in importance.