Service Providers

To address future market requirements, it is no longer sufficient to simply focus on providing financial services. Instead, building and maintaining effective partner networks is now a necessity. This requires cooperations which not only serve service provision and utilisation, but also development of product innovations and optimisation of processes related to the services offered. Service providers play a key role in this context. They not only enhance the service products, processes and IT themselves, but also increasingly exert influence on the presentation of the services offered in the context of the financial application or product sales process.

Our services for service providers

The players involved in the application and processing include financial services providers and various partners who offer and process additional products such as insurances or fuel and service cards. The players also include partners who specialise in handling sub-processes such as management and archiving of collateral documents, in outsourcing of processes such as document review in the financing process, or in the recovery of outstanding receivables.

With our extensive market experience, afb is the logical choice of partner to assist service providers with the transformation and innovation process. The afb Credit Management Solution's (afb-CMS) high capability for integration and adaptation automates and optimises the overarching processes.