Manufacturers of consumer and capital goods are now faced with the challenge that the quality of the offered product alone is not a sufficient purchasing criterion any more. Rather, the product choice is influenced by trends and changes in customer needs. Manufacturers are thus exerting more influence on the marketing of products and are shaping product presentation, retailer qualification and the sales process. Digitisation generates additional challenges, and not merely due to the increased market transparency. Manufacturers are increasingly achieving differentiation through the integration of retail and wholesale finance instruments in the sales process of products and the optional extension to services.

Our services for manufacturers

With 20 years of market experience, afb supports manufacturers in the necessary transformation process. The customer and project-specific mix of process, business and IT consulting, comprehensive business solutions and modular business services, projects, application and infrastructure management, business process management and outsourcing optimises the interaction of the factors products, processes, partners and IT systems.

The afb-CMS is characterised by a pronounced capacity for integration and adaptation. Efficiency is increased by automated interfaces between manufacturer, vendor and the financial services provider. The marketing of assets such as vehicles and the optimisation of margins is supported by a cycle of retail and wholesale finances and remarketing functionality. Vehicle selection in particular is facilitated by special data maintenance of e.g. model changes and by VIN queries. In combination with the modular IT system, services based on best practices and industry know-how provide a basis for effectiveness, efficiency and innovation.