We support our customers with a sophisticated support concept, with our highly developed customer support centre acting as a focal point for all user groups. Qualified employees are ready to assist with any questions about the afb Credit Management Solution (afb-CMS). Our support team is available with words and actions, from answering a user's questions at the point of sale to maintaining the back-end systems of the financial services providers. This is how we ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency in the use of our solutions.

Services Support

Customer Support for optimal use of the afb Credit Management Solution (afb-CMS)

  • Coaching in the optimal use of the afb-CMS on site at the user's workplace
  • Training tailored to the user group in small groups directly via the PC
  • Assuming administrative activities, such as management and maintenance of forms, assets, products and partners

Production Support for fast, efficient assistance

  • Central point of contact for users of the afb-CMS, such as employees of the bank and the vendor or the consumers, in case of incidents, problems and requests (request for change, request for question, request for administration and request for information)
  • Management of IT service providers with dependencies or direct interfaces to the afb-CMS
  • ITIL as best practice of service management for effective and efficient cooperation between all service providers
  • Assistance in operation of the afb-CMS (when operating at a customers┬┤s own data centre)

    Benefits at a glance

    • Quick training: effective training to familiarise users with the solutions so that they can quickly use them as they are intended.  
    • Identifying potential for optimisation: analyses and coaching provide transparency regarding the potential for reducing personnel and operating costs and increasing quality and returns.
    • Increased efficiency: the functional and functional know-how of our employees as well as defined processes based on best practices ensure a consistently high standard of processing.


    • Transparency: management reports keep you informed at all times.
    • Focus on core competencies: by outsourcing administrative tasks, you can focus entirely on innovation and strategy.
    • Excellent management of external service providers: we relieve you from managing other external service providers.


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    'The afb consulting teams were very professional, both in terms of business, i.e. processes and organisation, as well as in terms of IT. We were very pleased with the training videos specially created for our users. With afb-CMS we have found the ideal solution, which afb has adapted perfectly to our specific needs as part of the project'.